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Are you an ardent cricket supporter.Do you wish to follow cricket scores 24*7*365? Are you a professional Gambler ?and wish to follow your punt status all the time time you are away? You have come to the right place .In this article we will give you insight of best widget you can follow and apps you can download to stay connected to your favorite sport. This article in our website cricinfo streaming also gives solution for you .if you looking for an iframe to your website.cricinfo


Espncricinfo is the most popular website across the globe.This website which is exclusively for cricket is owned by Sports giant ESPN and estimated to be a worth of more than 150 million USD as of today.This is the best website where you can  get analysis from cricketing experts.This website also gives you ball to ball updates and commentary.Many famous critics use this as a platform to connect with people.


This website is second to none in providing scores. Cricbuzz has recently sponsored many tournaments in which India participated.There are plenty of options to view scores.There is an option of lean back in which you need not refresh page .CricBuzz app is optimized to save your data.


This is fastest website to update scores.You know how quickly odds changes.So Bet365  cannot be sluggish. Bet365 also provides Live streaming for some key matches.Live Streaming on bet365 uses least of your data compared to any other sites.


Hotstar has become very popular in recent time.Gone are those days when you used quarrel with your sibling to watch your favourite sport.As the tagline of Hotstar,Go solo, suggests you can watch your sport on your mobile.Only draw back is it is slightly slower than real time.But,updation of scores is accurate

Cricinfoscores ,cricbuzzz,Go Cricket are some of the other websites where you can get fastest live scores