Top Five alternatives to Cricinfo

Top 5 Websites To Follow Cricket

For all those who love the game of cricket, there is no way they are going to miss out on any action! This is because they are well aware of the top 5 websites which allow them to be constantly updated. They may be stuck in board meetings, traffic jams or a family function. But these websites allow them to still catch the game. Just go through this list and stay updated at all times!

  1. Cricbuzz

This is for all the radical cricket enthusiasts as it is a one-stop destination for them. A world of cricket data becomes available at your fingertips. But make sure that you already know about cricket or else all this can be overwhelming or highly confusing for you. There is a basic home screen where you can see recent match updates along with news articles.  Check the side panel for getting interesting insights into the world of cricket. You will get a huge amount of information and trivia on this site.

  • ESPN CricInfo:

This will always remain as one of the most popular websites on cricket. ESPN Cricinfo provides you with live ball-to-ball coverage. You can also get a complete analysis on all the international cricketers. Read the views of the best cricket experts in the world and understand their perspective of the game in a better way.

  1. Star Sports:

If you are looking for live scores along with commentary, then this is the site to go to. You can also read about match schedules and watch match highlights. Know the perspectives on cricket from the leading analysts around the world. There is the option of watching full replays. You may watch match clips through video on demand. There are video highlights available for batsmen as well as bowler innings too.




If you are looking for an intricate analysis on the recent happenings in cricket, then NDTV Sports is offering a special column known as ‘Player Sports’. This is reserved for special players including Sachin Tendulkar, M.S Dhoni and so on.  You can also get live news, match and player statistics besides features on top performers. Hence this website can be considered as a complete all-rounder.

  1. IBNLiveCricketnext:

Check out this site if you are looking for breaking news on cricket, live cricket scores as well as updates. You will also get match schedules and other highlights here. Cricketnextis a site that has managed to engage its readers providing them with comprehensive coverage.  It also offers special features along with regular columns from cricket legends. This is why it turns into a hot favorite during any cricketing season.

Featured above is a list of 5 popular websites to follow cricket. This is not a comprehensive list. In addition, many people have their own favorite websites too. Hence they would like to watch those and catch up on all the cricketing fun! After all, no one wants to miss anything about cricket today.

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